CITY of Erie


City Profile

  • Erie Profile
  • Square Miles: Planning – 48, incorporated – 18
  • Population:  20,000
  • Labor force:  8,723
  • Employment:  8,444
  • Per capita income:  $38,688
  • Median household income:  $100,288
  • Households:  6,797; with an additional 4,105 units approved
  • (information based on 2010 Census)

 Located just west of Interstate 25 in southern Weld County, Erie is eagerly anticipating the Boulder Valley Velodrome.  The facility, scheduled to open in the summer of 2013, is expected to attract athletes of all levels, and will easily accommodate Olympic-level cyclists – no small feat for a town the size of Erie.

Erie, which likes to cultivate its community-centric, small-town feel, also boasts an award-winning community center, 20,000-square-foot library, new schools and scenic trails.

According to the town, Erie is also committed to sustainability.  Eco-friendly civic development and environmentally “green” practices include a town-wide interconnecting trail system, a water-saving irrigation system in its public parks and a thermal solar system installation at the Erie Community Center.  Erie Community Park, a 41-acre “green” area, was opened in 2010. The environmentally friendly spirit has caused some turmoil in recent months with another one of Erie’s booming but controversial businesses – oil and gas development.

Encana Oil and Gas, an energy producer with natural gas wells in Erie, has received a lot of pushback from Erie residents over drilling in the area, most notably a site between two elementary schools called Canyon Creek.  Transportation options include the Erie Municipal Airport, owned and operated by the town of Erie.  The general aviation facility is located three miles south of the central business district.